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AAB: Round 5 Vs Ramsgate RSL - Draw: 1 - 1

Been a while. The AAB boys took a depleted squad to Scarborough East to take on Ramsgate RSL. In an up tempo match where both teams gave very little away Dolls Point were able to snatch a 1 - 0 half time lead after hitting the cross bar and a penalty area scramble resulted in a headed own goal. The second half was much of the same as both teams fought for possession and territory. As the tempo and intensity of the game increased, Sherman went on a one man crime spree which eventually in the 75th minute earned him a yellow card and the team a penalty. Dimitri was the rostered goalkeeper for the half, and despite an otherwise impressive display between the sticks, was beaten by the penalty taker to level the score at 1 - 1.

The team is travelling well currently holding a top 4 spot.

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