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Restructured 2020 Competition


SGFA, in consultation with the club presidents, have restructured the draw for the 2020 season.

In summary, training will be permitted to commence on April 14, with Round 1 of the competition starting on 1 May.

To this end SGFA also confirms the following:

  • No Finals Series will be played in any competition age group for the 2020 season.

  • All age groups will be playing through school holidays and June long weekend.

  • No weekend gala days or charity events will be sanctioned (school holiday programs and post season programs can proceed at this stage).

  • No Competition team regrades after Round 4 or Non-Comp regrades after Round 7.

  • SGFA All-stars match will not be played during the season.

  • For wash-out rounds – the round that is lost will be cut, not the final round.

  • No State Cup Participation for SGFA Clubs will be sanctioned.

Any team or club in breach of the directive may be sanctioned or fined.

Follow the link for the detailed announcement from the Association -> 2020 Season

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