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It was a ripper day down at Clayton Reserve bloody beautiful conditions for our soccer game ⚽️ The Dollies had a bit of the shaky start the warm up a little sloppy and a few of us on the back end of a bender! First half, well what can we say Morgan brought her A game as usual not only defending but just was all over it some said the rest of the team could have just sat on the bench and watched her play. The score was 0-0, didn't help that the ball didn't stay on the field with Sans Souci booting it into the trees then into the water then onto the road. They eventually got the ball back from three streets over and we were able to continue playing. Overall first half was a bit slow not much action. Second half, it's time to come out firing the ball comes from Morgan then out to Liz back in to Kristy then over to Ash who passes to Mexico and BOOM Sans Souci smash into her knocking her to the ground poor Karen she gets up and wipes the dirt off her face and penalty for the Dollies! Kirra takes the penalty, GOAL! She's just avoided the end of year nudie run! After the first goal was put away we really got into the swing of things Karen & Britt scoring two more goals to really show Sans Souci why we are at the top of the leader board! Winners 🥇 🏆 Everyone go and treat yourself to some chicken dinner tonight 🍗 #allwedoiswin #dolliesdoitagain

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