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PW/L: R13 Vs Scots - Win 4 - 1

Whale whale whale..what a game we had on our hands today as The Dollies faced their next obstacle/ victim as Arn (don't let them go near a ...)-CLIFF Scots stepped into the DPFC cauldron! Starting from the back we had Ash ironically keeping those fires away.. well let's just say a cut out goaly would have sufficed. What a fine looking back line we had today in store for y'all. Demi Moore on the left handling that ball like she's done this before, working that thang on over to Major Morgan who had a magnificent performance blocking those bombs from the Scots goalkeeper. To her right we had the half Greek half angel, stunner Mel D who we really could have written this whole article about. Some comments from the crowd about her included and I quote, "wow wow we wow that girl is on fire" and "damn I wish I had her skillz".

Damn there was a hectic passing game between our mids and forwards, Kirra taking control of that middle position with one of her best games of the season featuring a killer shot on goal that terrified those Scotties. You go girl! We were also seeing dat tall blond up in new territory doing her usual breakdancing cut backs, unfortunately but without lack of trying- couldn't add any more numbers to her tally. Shout out to self titled "hustler Brittany bitch" for her consistent energiser bunny efforts up front. Let's also give Mel C a woot woot for her near perfect crosses throughout the game! Rebecca Black has a new single in town and boy was she playing that today for us all! Should probably start to mention the Mexican refugee coming in a little late to the game but boy did she bring the bullets. BOOM! Karen the Mexican scoring the first goal for The Dolls bringing our score to 1-0 for the first half. Some lass stepped in to be goaly however was pretty upset she couldn't bring her TN's or smokes on field. The girls sure did love hitting that pole in the second half- maybe a career change is in order? Luckily Karen had some extra hot chilli in her enchilada this morning because damn she was on fire. 2 more goals from Karen giving her the golden turkey for the week!! Scots decided to make a run for goals as lass goaly Liz froze and a little bit of wee came out. They say you can't blame the goaly- because "it has to go through the whole team first". This was definitely not the case for this Scots goal. With probably the slowest shot seen in the history of soccer the ball basically rolled through her legs, in fact I'm pretty sure the baby on the sideline would have saved that goal. Really Unlucky Liz.

Bobby was terrified to bring out her white buns at our end of year punishment so she snuck in a killer goal to save herself (and all of us) from the full moon party. What a game, what a team. Let's keep that hot tamaliiiii train rolling babyyyy! We're taking it to the SHIP!

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