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PW/L : R12 Vs Connells Point - Win 3 - 1

Who will beat these Dollies?

The girls turned up yesterday making a fashion statement of who wore it better to their rivalries, who for most of our girls was their ex club. Decked out in Connells Point jumpers, bags and even socks, blue and white was everywhere to be seen. With only one reserve, the girls had their game faces on and ready to kick butt!

With what felt like we had hurricane Sally sticking around for the game, the girls were determined to get started and show Connells who really wears the blue and white! With the wind against us, we saw the first half seeing both sides a little on struggle street with balls flying everywhere, hair in our faces and a few loopy attempts at goals. Our brick wall back line of Liv, Morgan and Demi made the Dollies impossible to get through. They were too good, keeping Connells scoreless for the first 45mins. Our goalie Monty on fire as always making Connells work for it!

Come half time the Dollies thought they would spice things up a bit, changing to our mighty blues jerseys feeling fresh and ready to go again. With the wind on our side our middles Kristy, Liz, Britt and Mel's were feeding balls through to our strikers Karen and Ash who were eager to put a number on the board. A left cross from Britt shook up the Connells back line as they forgot the game they were playing. A handball was ruled in the penalty box and Britt finished what she started getting the games first goal.

Not long after Connells got a little sniff, hitting the back net making the scores even. The Dollies were determined to keep their undefeated title so our little Mexicano did what she does best and sunk one floater perfectly in the net. With 2 minutes to go our little hustler Britt strikes again, this time taking out the fumbling keeper to seal the deal at 3-1.

Great game girls. Bring on our next victim!

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