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PW/L: R9 Vs Sans Souci - Win 3 - 1

The brief of todays game was to remain calm and not get feisty. Kristy mustn’t have gotten the memo as she was the only one still in b***** mode when cracking jokes at the other teams expense for one of the Souci girls fell over and she said "see you next fall"! After a few attempts of long balls through Brit was able to score putting the dollies up 1-0. The second half started off with a bang with Mel D’s goal resulted in a strip show, keeping the boys on the sideline intrigued (she’s clearly had a lot of practice getting those shorts off in the blink of an eye). Super keeper Monty wasn’t able to save Souci’s first goal but redeemed herself when she came on the field to replace cramping Bobby (who will now be having oranges for brekky on Sundays) by scoring her first goal of the season and freeing herself from the end of season nudie run. The Dollies beat Sans Souci 3-1. The unstoppable Dollies will hopefully have their subs back next week and won't have to struggle to feel the field! Dolly Dolly Dolly, woo woo woo!

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