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PW/L: R8 Vs Lugarno - Win 2-0

Just like Kristy's ten pin bowling run the Dollies are on an unstoppable roll. With the team dropping like flies some of the team decided it was a great idea to vacate to the European oasis and Olivia's dedication to alcohol choosing to do nudey runs in the Hunter Valley when we needed her most. The Dollies started out with ten players with what felt like playing in a bowl of mashed potato we finally found our form and strung passes together. Becky with the good hair, Jay z has been on your side scoring the opening goal. Leading goal scorers are shaking in their boots with you're firing form! Disclosures song Magnets is the new team theme song for the Dollies with the ball never staying in the field of play and always finding left right out. The ref was allergic to her whistle leaving bulldozer Mel for the third week in a row to save the day and demolish the danger. Right before Blondy Mel walked off the field with a corked heart string Curly Sue was out to play with the magical corner floating over all the Beatty eyes into the back of the next. The Dollies were up 2-0 and down to 9 players. After Liz pretended to her Wednesday night fan club she didn't know where our game was Sunday they miraculously found the field. Their dog Abbey, our new mascot, tactfully held up play for us to get our breath, toying with Demi thinking the match ball was a toy. **Bobby we know you're injured but one day soon feel free to come support us 😉 Xoxoxo Dolly Girls

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