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PW/L: R13 Vs Banksia Tigers - Win 4 - 1

The night started off dark and eerie at Peaky Park with everyone arriving just on time. Great start despite an unwanted visitor, a dead rat (and no we're not talking about Mel Dounis). Bit of confusion at the start, our supporters thinking they were watching Barcelona FC vs Banksia with our unbelievable passing game. Our new addition to the team, Becky, earned her stripes tonight, putting away our first goal against the bumble bees. They were shaking in their boots. Our next goal was an absolute stunner. The heart and soul of the Dollies, Liz, hits the ball first time from the half way line, with the ball soaring through the air. The whole field, in fact the whole of Peakhurst, stops what they are doing and watches in absolute awe as it hits the back of the net. Some were saying it was the goal of the century. Banksia were giving it their best but our backline was too strong, Demi having a an absolute cracker of a game and it was great to have our brick wall Morgs back (no more partying thanks Morgan). With Banksia's brutal sweeper giving away a free kick, Ash stepped up to the plate. The free kick was epic, deflecting of their goalie and our trusty Mexican slots it in (no coconuts or ham going on here). Half time, the Dollies are up 3-0. Banksia were pumped second half, putting extra players up front, leaving the defence to have 3 players on 20. Bumble bees were everywhere. Their goalkeeper kicked long and high, falling into Zainab's feet who was able to get past our fabulous defence line. Although Banksia tried their hardest, Dollies were too good with the final goal coming from none other than BRITTANY BITCH who hustled hard for that fame and glory. The Dolls Point girls were too good in the end and outplayed them in every manner. We couldn't have achieved any of this greatness without our goalkeeper, Monty who kept us in the game. Great Game Barcelona (I mean Dolls)

Xoxo Gossip Girl

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