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PW/L R6 vs Scots FC win 5-0

PW/L R6 vs Scots FC win 5-0 Dollies do it again! Bit of a shabby start to the afternoon with a few who partied a little too hard last night running late and trying to get out of playing. Running low on numbers we forced them to come. Our trusty Mexican not so trusty today she almost missed kick off having to stop and throw up on the way. Scots came out firing, they were in it to win it! They had a lot to prove having 6 of their superstar premiership team players from last year to join the dazzling dollies. The dollies out passed and out played the Scots in every way but couldn't put the ball in the back of them net. Our tall blonde show stopping sweeper spent the game upfront to put away some goals to avoid a nudie run at the end of year. Her aim wasn't quite on target during the first half but luckily our wonderful wing women Mel C did a marvelous "cross" which the keeper caught but couldn't hold onto it because it was so powerful which popped out and Karen our Mexican was there for the finisher and put it away. Brilliant Bobby has been deadlifting too hard and hurt her right quad so opted to play in goals. Unable to use her main leg she fooled Scots and ripped out some huge left foot kick outs from goals. She spent the rest of the game picking flowers as the dollies were in attack all second half. Second half the Dollies were just purely showing off with sexy passing from the back line to the front and left and right and up and down and back and forward and up again. Liv decided to show up to the game took on the keeper one on one and put the ball in the back of the net. Shortly after she thought why stop here, took on the keeper again and scored. All that goal scoring had Liv on fire. We saw a perfect cross from Liv which the keeper dropped and again saw Karen in the right place to finish putting the Dollies 4-0. Mel with her machine gun leg in her new position on the wing set up for another cross which was deflected by a Scots player and ricocheted back into her eyeball causing momentary blindness. After 682 corners that we couldn't finish in last 15 minutes of the game Zombie Liz came to life and slotted our 5th and final goal from a corner from Mel. Amazing Ash also had a great game!!

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