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PW/L: R3 Vs Banksia Tigers - Draw 1 - 1

A packed stadium of Dolls Point fans lead by Manny sure turned up for one hell of a game. With DPFC kicking off the game down a player Banksia came in firing hard. Dolls defence was lead by their secret weapon Morgan who had an absolute killer ! A few one on ones were shut down by ninga goaly Mel. But unfortunate an unstoppable header slipped through putting Banksia in front 1-0. Second half kicks off and dolls came back with fire in their boots! The heat was firing up in the game. A dodgy push by Sicilian Mel gave her a yellow card warning. Moments later the Banksia goaly was red carded. DPFC were fired up. The forward-midfield squad built up a beautiful play crossing the ball to fittest player in the Comp Britt for that satisfying back of the net goal !

With the game evened up at 1-1 the girls fought on and fired a few more close calls. Looks like the teams will have to meet again next game to determine who gets to take home the gold!

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