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PW/L: UFC2 Vs Sans Souci - Win 3 - 1

In the blue corner, we had Dolls Point and in the red corner, Sans Souci.

The game started off slow, with the opposition scoring mid way through the first half. Going behind 0 -1, the Dolls Point girls decided to pick up their game. Mel's beautiful corner was met by Karen who slotted the equaliser.

At this point, things got physical and the girls inadvertently renewed a 40 year old rivalry. Dolls Point responded with 2 goals during the following mayhem to give them the final winning margin 3 - 1.

The girls are off to a flyer ... keep going!

(Web editor note: There were reports from old Dolls Point players who attended the match, coming away misty eyed. Such was the intensity of the rivalry during the match. They were proud of our new girls.)

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