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RTO Corner

This page will be used to store and share key season admin information.

General Information for Coaches and Managers

This page contains links and information for Coaches and Managers to assist them in managing their teams. We will add info to this page as necessary

Training  Timetable

This is the time allocations for training - Follow the link -> Training Timetable

Trial Matches

Planned trial matches for Dolls Point FC Teams -> Trials 2023

Also, if you plan on playing a trial match, the games must be sanctioned by the relative association. Ask Sal or Rod, and they will assist in preparing the forms. However, if need be these are the links.

For another Football St George Club -> FSG Club Trial

For a club outside of St George -> Inter Association Trial

If you want to book a referee for a trial match -> St George Refs

(Please note that this is not a guarantee for Referees, and a minimum 7 days’ notice of the trial match should be given).

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