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2024 Registrations for DPFC.


Firstly, you set up your payments by purchasing this product and completing the transaction.


Then, follow the link to complete your registration -



You will be asked for discount code, use the code : DPFC2024 This will allow you to complete your registration in PlayFootball without making a payment. Once your payment is received in our bank account, we will match it to your registration.

Please note, no registrations will be processed without a matching payment. We will not be chasing people for payments.


2024 Registrations

  • Welcome to Season 2024,

    Thank you for your registering with Dolls Point Football Club, we hope that your season with us is a happy and successful one.

    Once you have submitted your payment details, please forward your receipt to the club @ We will then match your payment to your registration.

    Thank you,

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